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Corporate culture: integrity, practical, high-quality, first-class!

Business philosophy: the pursuit of excellence without end, with the times and create the future!

Value concept: the pursuit of value is the starting point of our work, creating value is the power of our life, the realization of value is our eternal pursuit! Entrepreneurial passion: the pursuit of life is not a full stop, since ancient times love to fight will win!

Entrepreneurial motivation: with love to do business, with a heart of thanksgiving to be a man!

Objectives: deep customer resources is basic work, interaction and cooperation, is our work, save the cost, profit maximization, quality service, advancing with the times is the focus of our work, win win win is the result of our work.

Team concept

The target in the same direction, with leading, tacit trust, risk sharing.

The company advocates the team spirit. To create the most competitive enterprises in plate boutique is the common goal of people in. In the process of achieving this goal, every one to his loyalty to the team, heavy responsibilities, develop their potential and hard work, and strive to be in the team "leading wild goose"; to trust each other, cooperate tacit understanding, dedication, surmount in the fierce market competition, fight wind and waves hit, overcome difficulties, and finally in the realization of the strategic goal of enterprise development and realize their value of life.

Innovative ideas: continuous innovation tolerance failure

Continuous innovation is the source and driving force of the survival and development of enterprises, to create the most competitive plate boutique enterprises must create a strong atmosphere of innovation, always support staff innovation, technological innovation, management innovation, system innovation, innovation environment; of innovation in the failure to understanding, tolerance, to encourage more, so that innovation has become a quality, a kind of spirit, a kind of fashion.

Talent concept: the person suitable for its position

As long as they are willing and able to work hard for the enterprise, the positive contribution, is the enterprise needs of the talent. In the selection of talent, the first consideration is the personnel knowledge skills and job requirements, so that the best combination of both, to maximize the expertise and ability of each employee. Quality concept: high standard fine zero defect high standard, fine, zero defect, is the basic requirements of enterprise employees, but also the basic work attitude of employees. High standard is a prerequisite, fine is the basic requirements, zero defect is the ultimate goal. The three parts are indispensable.

Marketing concept:

For the user to create value for enterprises to win friends in the 21st century marketing, "creating value for customers" advocate is not simple sale connotation, but to in work effort for the user to create the other for households where no or no value, so that they become a business on the back of the head off, will eventually become friends.

Security concept

Life is priceless, safe for the day of life for each person only once, we should respect life, cherish life. Safety and prevention first; safety is the nature of the production and operation needs and inevitable requirement, only in the worker's life safety guarantee and the normal operation of equipment and facilities can be guaranteed, enterprises can be sustained, healthy and harmonious to development.

The concept of self-cultivation, Li De, Shou Lian: place

Slim is through continuous learning all kinds of cultural knowledge, professional skills and improve their comprehensive quality; morality is to strengthen their self-cultivation, establish a good morality; observing honesty is to strictly abide by the party and government discipline and enterprise rules and regulations, honesty and self-discipline, can withstand the temptation, for people doing things clear vain, have a good reputation among the masses.